The Thunder Horse
Medicine is the Love
of the Creator

“Illness is not wellness.  Get over yourself.  You chose your own life and made it what it was… the good and the bad.  Now choose well being.  It makes the soul glad and rejoices the mind.    Guilt causes immaturity to linger; inexperience causes us to hold back.  Yet a mature and experienced soul moves on, leaps and bounds above the rest.


Giche Wapita, an exerpt from her writings on the healing she received from the Thunder Horse Medicine.

Thunder Horse Nokus Harjo W. Bowen left corporate America almost twenty-five years ago, in order to give back some of the many gifts and blessings that had been bestowed upon him by the Almighty Divine Universal Mind.  Leaving the “concrete jungle” for the ancient ancestral swamps of Florida was quite a startling transition, as well as a rewarding experience beyond description.

Thunder Horse’s journeys carried him great distances upon the Red Road and the Blue Road, as he crossed vast waters and giant landmasses to traverse the globe.  But the longest journey of his life was from his mind to his heart.  This voyage brought him home to the throne of his own Inner Temple, only to find that God was not on the Red or Blue Road, but found inside…while he was made at onement with the Great Spirit, as he allowed the wondrous power of the Creator to reach the deepest part of his heart.

As Thunder Horse healed the inhabitants and lands of all nations, he realized that the world is his tribe, and mankind is his people.  Thus, his precious time was spent in developing healing centers, refuges, Divine Physicians, healing ranch retreats, spiritual cruises, educational curriculums, church and religious programs for the people from all walks of life, and in every strata of society.

Through the utilization of this Ancient Ancestral Healing Techniques, he was able to accomplish the task of teaching the “Medicine” to the people.  This involved informing the people of the Elements of Being Humanas well as providing them with a direct exposure to the love of God.

In addition to the aforementioned, Thunder Horse taught the importance of the unification of the world of humanity, for the purpose of building an ever-advancing civilization.  In order to foster this program, he cross-culturally trained the leaders of communities, towns and villages, including Medicine Men and Medicine Women, striving to eliminate boundaries and barriers that had been standing between different groups and people.  In order to remove prejudice from their hearts and set the people free, he took them to different countries, states and Indian, African and Hawaiian reservations in every corner of the earth.

Teaching spirituality to the world of humanity has brought Thunder Horse to the position of a Divine Physician/Medicine Man, sanctioned by his elders of Saskatchewan, Canada of the Standing Buffalo Indian Reservation.

Furthermore, from 1976 to the present date, as Principal Chief of the Calusa-Seminole Indian Nation and Medicine Man serving as a liaison between the tribe (the people) and negotiating with the United States government Bureau of Indian Affairs, he has been politically involved in petitioning the U.S. for reinstatement of Federal Recognition for the Calusa-Seminole Indian Nation..

THUNDER HORSE introduces each individual to its own Spirit Self– Teaching the mystery of the spiritworld, and the art of ancient Native American Ancestral Healing Techniques, which has been lost for milleniums.


Its application begins as it should, with all human beings with a search after truth, and a conviction of the facts, and realism of a true existence of a Supreme Being and /or Universal Divine Mind (Creator of all creation) in order to discover the ultimate, which is one’s own true self.  This is better known as your Divine Self, which is every human being’s link to the Godhead of the Universe.

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